About Us

Data Outsourcing India is a leading multi-process IT outsourcing company in New Delhi (India). Founded in 2006, this firm has been delivering a full range of IT / BPO services to worldwide clients. We have 800+ clients in more than 29 countries and these customers are from key industry verticals and niches such as Online Retail, Publishing, Technology, Manufacturing, Automotive, Mortgage, Insurance, Law Firms, Real Estate, Academic Institutions, Medical and Healthcare, Shipping and Logistics, Finance and Accounting, Travel and Hospitality, etc. Our team delivers business values to each client because we understand clearly that our continued success is dependent on their happiness with our work. Our “customer driven” approach has provided us with a stable and sustainable business model.

In dealing with client, we believe in being as straightforward and transparent as possible. We would rather be realistic and loose some clients, than begin making impractical promises. In the end, we believe our honest approach leads to better business for everyone involved. Our association brings cost reductions, performance improvements along with new ways of working, tailored to each client. Fortified with a highly educated, well-trained, fully skilled and reliable team, we deliver a full range of business process outsourcing services and solutions, including data entry & management, financial & accounting support, ecommerce catalog management, epublishing, website design, ecommerce development, internet marketing, photo editing and more. To give our clients a definite competitive edge, we are fully equipped with an assorted talent pool including management professionals, designers, programmers, seo experts, photo editors and data entry specialists. This talented workforce becomes remotely located staff for our clients and executes all their short term and ongoing projects from our office.

Vision – Mission – Values

We facilitate our clients to excel in their field with our passion for business process outsourcing services and solutions.Our Vision

Our Vision

To provide trusted and consistent IT / BPO services to worldwide clients. We aim to offer remarkable customer experience by delivering valued services. Crucial Mission

Crucial Mission

As a leading BPO services provider, our mission
is to understand clients’ specific needs and enhance their business performance in minimum budget.Core Values

Core Values

We are committed to absolute integrity, transparency, superiority and customer satisfaction. Our collective efforts enable clients’ to achieve their goals timely.


At Data Outsourcing India, we follow a stringent privacy policy as we completely understand our clients’ anxiety about their valuable data and information.

How We’re Different

There are a number of dimensions which set us apart from the competition such as competitive rates, faster turnaround and accuracy.Resource Strength
Resource Strength
100+Total Projects
Total Projects
2500+Satisfied Customers
Satisfied Customers